Base equipment includes 1 control panel, 1 keypad, 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor and 1 keyfob.





Act fast! Pricing will go back up to $44.95 per month at any moment. Buy now and lock in your $34.95/month rate for 36 months or more!


Encrypted and 100% cellular

Our encrypted home security system is encrypted (hack-proof) and 100% cellular (no landline/internet required) and comes with a control panel, keypad, 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor and a keyfob. Add additional sensors, cameras and Z-Wave devices can be added on a la carte basis.

Deskstand, built-in backup battery, built-in siren, Verizon cellular card and power supply included.

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For a very, very limited time only, we are offering our cellular monitoring plan (usually $44.95/month) for just $34.95/month.


Encrypted panel

The only encrypted (hack-proof) control panel on the market. Connect via Ethernet, WiFi or LTE. 

Door/window sensor

Very easy on the eyes, extremely compact and easy to install. Come equipped with double-sided adhesive.

Motion sensor

If you're on a budget, a motion detector or two versus a sensor on each window is the way to go.


Your keypad comes with adhesive backing - mount by the front door to arm/disarm the system.


Arm/disarm your system remotely. This keyfob also comes equipped with a panic button for emergencies.

Touchscreen (optional)

Want a touchscreen keypad? No problem. Get as many touchscreens as you like with your encrypted system.

Professional monitoring

Your Armorax home security system is monitored for theft, fire and medical 24/7. Our monitoring station will call you to verify the state of the emergency whenever the alarm goes off, and send for help if and when you need it.

Control from your phone

Control and manage your system from anywhere in the world through our smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop apps. Arm and disarm your system, receive notifications by text and email, access event history and monitor sensor activity all from one place.

  • Arm/disarm remotely
  • Receive text/email notifications
  • Monitor individual sensors 
  • Access system event history
  • View live video
  • Create multiple usercodes
  • Create multiple usernames
  • Control Z-Wave devices


HD video monitoring

Our HD indoor and outdoor cameras come with live streaming, two-way voice, motion detection, night vision and storage with playback. Extremely easy to install over WiFi with the app. Pan and tilt indoor cameras are also available. 

  • Live streaming

  • 2-way voice


  • Continuous recording
  • Motion detection

Z-Wave compatible

Control your thermostats, open and close your garage doors, turn on your lights and lock your doors from the control panel or app. Z-Wave devices must be purchased separately and installed by you, the end-user.


Frontpoint offers 24/7 professional monitoring and their smartphone app for $44.95/month. Video adds another $5/month to the monitoring fee. We provide cellular monitoring and 24/7 emergency response services for just $34.95/month!

(approximate as of 01/01/2017)


Armorax is 100% cellular, just like Frontpoint and Vivint, but you'll pay a lot less. Take advantage of our sale to get 24/7 professional monitoring at just $34.95/month (no internet or phone line needed) and app control for just $4/month additional.

(offer expires soon)


Vivint charges around $49.99/month for the 24/7 monitoring and the smartphone app. They also use the exact same app as us. Equipment wise, they use 2GIG, which is a non-encrypted system. Get Armorax for an encrypted (hack-proof) system today.

(approximate as of 01/01/2017)

Try it out for 30 days

If you're unhappy, we're unhappy. We'll glady offer you a full refund and pay for the return shipping should you wish to return your system within 30 days. 

Our price-lock pledge

We are the only company in the United States that won't increase your monitoring fee after you've signed on the dotted line.

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